Is SAA Right for You?

"Before coming to Sex Addicts Anonymous, many of us never knew that our problem had a name. All we knew was that we couldn’t control our sexual behavior. For us, sex was a consuming way of life. Although the details of our stories were different, our problem was the same. We were addicted to sexual behaviors that we returned to over and over, despite the consequences."

(Sex Addicts Anonymous, Second Edition, Page 3)


SAA is a spiritual recovery program for people who struggle with compulsive sexual behavior—behavior that causes pain for ourselves, our loved ones, and those around us.


You have taken a brave step connecting to our website devoted to recovery from sexual addiction. If you have a desire to stop addictive sexual behavior of any type, you are welcome here. We urge you to give our program a try. It has helped many other men and women of all ages, backgrounds, sexual identities, and sexual orientations find recovery from sexual addiction.


We suggest coming to at least six meetings in the first six weeks before deciding whether SAA is for you. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself time to listen to the stories of other members and absorb the introductory literature. If you are like us, you did not get to where you are now overnight. It will also take time to orient yourself to this program and this new way of life in recovery.


If you are suffering from sex addiction, it is important that you seek help. If you decide that SAA is not right for you, there are other recovery programs out there for your consideration.

2010 - present

2010 - present