The Promises

The Twelve Steps of SAA lead to a spiritual awakening. Our attitudes toward our sexuality and our ways of experiencing do sex change. In recovery, we find ways to make our sexuality an appropriate part of life, not something we do outside of our “normal” lives.


The promise of recovery is a restoration of self. Sexuality is part of who we are, a part that became lost and distorted through our addiction. When we reclaim the possibility of healthier sexuality; we regain a vital aspect of our being.


We acknowledge what we have lost, grieve the harm we suffered, and eventually come to acceptance about our past, which opens the way for being present today, sexually and spiritually.


When we are safe and emotionally present, we can be flexible. We have sexual boundaries, and respect the boundaries of others.


We experience being sexual as a way to satisfy appropriate sexual needs and desires, rather than as a way to manage anxiety, self-medicate, or escape.


As a fundamental part of being human, our sexuality brings great pleasure and deep satisfaction to our lives.


Many of us recognize healthier sexuality when we experience something very different from what we knew in our addiction. We are emotionally present, intimate, flexible, nurturing, and appropriate during sexual activity.


We may discover that healthier sexuality begins long before any actual sexual acts, with a change in our emotional presence and connection with others.


When we allow ourselves to be intimate with our own emotions, we become aware of how we are really feeling, without judging or censoring ourselves for it. We gradually learn to be honest about our feelings with others, while being open to their feelings as well.


In the process, we learn to express our affection rather than power and control. We let go of control and begin to have trust – trust in ourselves, trust in another person, and faith in a Higher Power.


As we grow in recovery, we can use our sexuality to express our love, appreciation and faith. When we are sexual with love, gratitude, and generosity, sex can be an expression of our highest spiritual ideals.


(Sex Addicts Anonymous, Second Edition, Pages 69 – 73)

2010 - present

2010 - present